After following you for some time, I do not doubt that you are Satoshi. You seem to have jumped out of Atlas Shrugged and shed the fictionalized facade and the writer’s embellishments.

That said, it seems you have picked a fight with the Second Law of Thermodynamics, and that is a fight you cannot win. You are battling entropy. Entropy is hard at work trying to bring down your creation, just as it does with any natural system. Look at what has already happened to Bitcoin by your own witness: the forks, the attackers who have tried to break the stable protocol. If anything takes down BSV, it will be the same processes that cause large, complex molecules to break down into simpler ones. It’s why most applications turn into spaghetti code. It’s why every system, no matter how well-curated, shows signs of design erosion. It seems to be an intractable situation, and the best you or any of us can do is delay the process.


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