Jorgen, I enjoyed your article. For years I’ve wondered if the novel “Cantor’s Dilemma” by Carl Djerassi was named after Georg Cantor. The main conflict in the book centers around scientific ethics and the intellectual sparring, and backstabbing, that occurs in the quest for scientific truth and ego-stroking. I didn’t know the extent to which Cantor had to fight for his truth, both professionally and personally (his mental illnesses). I doubt Djerassi pulled the name out of the air, so evidence supports that it was named after Georg Cantor, although I haven’t been able to find confirmation of this.

I found something comical in the correspondence between Cantor and Richard Dedekind. I started imagining Cantor’s unadulterated text juxtaposed with Dedekind writing into his notebook using the 21st Century American vernacular.

Halle, January 28th 1874"..When you get around to answering me, I should be grateful to hear whether you had the same difficulty as I in answering the question I sent to you in January about the correlation of a line and a surface, or whether I am deceiving myself. In Berlin a friend to whom I presented the same problem told me the subject was somewhat absurd, because it is self-evident that two independent variables cannot be reduced to one."
- G. Cantor
Brunswick, January 29th 1874"..My God, what's with this guy? Give it a rest, already. When am I going to get around to answering you? How about after I have my pipe, my bowl, and my fiddlers three. The only thing he's deceving himself about is that I have nothing else to do but answer his questions."
- Richard Dedekind

Thank you for the interesting read.

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